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About US

  • About US
About US

Agaseem factory co. for Lubricants

Agaseem Factory co. for Lubricants was established in 1997 after a series of studies for the manufacture of oils and lubricants,our products are available every locally and in some neighboring countries , such as Yemen , Egypt Iraq, Jordan ,Palestine, we have quality control Department and Lab. equipped by moderns equipment and qualified staff . we are selecting selecting the best ingredients of pure base oils and original additives to ensure the products which depend on quality in base oils and Additives and make the difference in the markets .

Our Message

Our continuous mission is to manufacture the best international oils manufactured by the highest standards and quality standards, which we pride ourselves in being the basic requirements of each engine, and seek to expand the confidence of more consumers with our products and meet their wishes .

Our Vision

The development and manufacture of savings products, catering to all the needs of the consumer .